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The master class: Trump’s practice of surprise and Shannon’s theory of communication

Trump’s practice of surprise and Shannon’s theory of communication

The Donald has been until now a master of running the establishment media’s agenda, whatever else you may like to say about him.

His press conference last night was a master class.  His comments about Charlottesville drove the establishment media into a nearly uncontrollable rage, for a very specific reason.  In the master class, his set of remarks about black mask/antifa was a “dog whistle” to the establishment media, a slug of un-dodge-able information that The Donald masterfully inserted into the broad communication channel known as “the national conversation.”

Information in the channel…

Information in the channel points us to the mathematical theory of communication, Claude Shannon’s most famous theory from his days at Bell Labs.  Shannon’s theory begins with the idea of information as a countable substance, as quantifiable as the volume of water in a pitcher or the number of apples growing on an apple tree.

For the basic quantity of information, some scientists use the term surprisal, and that is a nice term for informal conversation.  In colloquial terms, information is surprise.

The amount of surprise you experience depends on who is at the other end of the communication channel.  You, the observer, receive some amount of surprise from a sender, a source.  Are you talking to an honest mensch or a crooked gambler looking for a sucker?  In terms of throwing dice, is the source a pair of fair dice or a pair of crooked dice?

unfair dice

This pair of dice is going to come up 7’s frequently.

If the honest mensch is on the line, you are going to hear a random array of results: “The first roll is 3.   OK, the next roll came up snake eyes.  Let’s see: it’s a 7.  Next roll 8…”  And so on for the honest mensch.

The crooked gambler has his dice set up to come up 7’s at least 25% of the time, on average.  So, his first four transmissions down the phone line to you might be: “First roll, 3!  Come on, baby, next roll, 7!  OK, shoes for the baby…. LUCKY 7!  Let’s try another roll, come on: another 7!  We are on a lucky roll, man, but it can’t last.”  At which point, he asks you to increase your bet.

But if you are smart, you hang up the phone on the crooked gambler.  You hang up the phone, because there is no surprise in what he says.  Low surprise, low information.  (A completely fixed pair of dice, all fives and all twos, would be zero surprise, and Claude Shannon would say that the source bears zero information.)

The crooked gambler’s dice are going to come up 7 most of the time, just like some establishment news channels like CNN have recently been all Russia collusion, all the time.  Now, however, the blow up in Charlottesville permits them a new spiel, all white supremacy, all the time.

Thus CNN becomes Johnny One Note.

Johnny One Note is also known as Jack of No Surprises.

Jack of No Surprises is Jackie Zero, for zero information.

The rage of establishment media yesterday came from The Donald pushing information about black mask/antifa into their low information channel.  He did not back down.  Johnny One Note did cry a few tears of rage, like any 4-year old in a tantrum, but then they had to accommodate it.

In the master class, The Donald surprised Johnny One Note into exploring the octaves, using more of his channel’s capacity.  CNN et al. do have the capacity for a lot of information, if they choose to use it wisely.  There is a lot going on in the world they could be transmitting. more than just collusion and Charlottesville and other symbols of partisan rage.  CNN et al. have a job to do, and we civilians have to learn more about all of the imbecilic criminal neo-Nazi types in Charlottesville and what they tried to do there, so that we be vigilant for those who would corrupt or destroy our freedom here in the USA. CNN, get to it!

Judy Garland sings “Johnny One Note”


The bastards shot the girl.

Republished one year later, "You bastards shot the girl."

You bastards shot the girl.

YouTube shows censors lethal force being used in Iran.

Sorry. That video lived a very short time.

Try this update page which is not part of YouTube.

They shot the girl

They shot the girl

OK, the YouTube version is back on the air, but let’s keep both versions here.

Iran will be free.


The dad from Michigan, Mike Sola, is on this good long YouTube with Megyn Kelly from Fox News Channel.

I trust Mr. Sola way more than a slick White House assistant like Melody Barnes. This dad and his son are the ones I am rooting for. They must be respected and protected.


Melody Barnes YouTube does not diminish euthanasia worries.

Talking down euthanasia in the White House is the job of Melody Barnes, a domestic policy specialist. But there is no direct, substantive message from the president, only a sound bite of about 2 seconds’ duration; video at 1:48.

The president saying, “Well, that would be kind of morbid,” is not much of a denial. If they want to set that particular fear to rest, then they need to do a lot more than give out an off the cuff sound bite. I disregard everything Melody Barnes said; she is not a decisionmaker.

If you look at the House bill, HR 3200, there are only 6 places where the word "consent" is used:

2 references to the Senate’s advise and consent process for presidential appointments
  Health Choices Commissioner (p. 41)
  Special Inspector General (p. 107)
1 reference to a payment process
  Patient Centered Medical Homes (p. 466)
2 references to enrollment methods
  Medicare Advantage and Part D Marketing (p. 698)
1 reference to patient care
  School-Based Health Clinics (p. 992)

In other words, not much for patient consent.

I ferevently hope that someone will start asking questions about patient consent in the various health care plans. That would have to be the safeguard against anything like rationing or euthanasia.

  1. Will the prime limiting act on health care options be the exercise of consent by the patient or will some other entity have prime responsibility for limiting health care options?
  2. How will the government assure that withdrawal of consent by elderly individuals or any other individual cannot be overridden by the Health Choices Commissioner?
  3. Will school based health clinics (SBHC) and other organizations have a legal requirement stronger than "an assurance" to obtain the consent of each individual they serve?
  4. Will SBHCs and other service providers have annual institutional review and audit of adequate safeguarding of patient consent at every stage of medical service?

As soon as these guys in D.C. start hearing those kinds of questions, we will get to the heart of the matter.

Look up HR 3200 in Congress’ database

Map to Enghelab Square

Map to Enghelab Square.

I am worried about all the Twitter streams off the air right now. Seems unusual.

Recent YouTube from Iran.

You bastards shot the girl

You bastards shot the girl.

YouTube shows censors lethal force being used in Iran.

Sorry. That video lived a very short time.

Try this update page which is not part of YouTube.

They shot the girl

They shot the girl

OK, the YouTube version is back on the air, but let’s keep both versions here.

When will the Hamas and Hezbollah suicide bombers start scything through the crowds in Iran?

When will the Hamas and Hezbollah suicide bombers start scything through the crowds in Iran? This is a YouTube commercial contra suicide bombing.

Many people in the West pray for peace in Tehran.

Voices from Iran, also a YouTube video

Longer messages are now getting out of Iran and into the newspapers of the West.

JUNE 19, 2009
“The Fear Is Gone” Voices from Iran.

People want to be heard and supported by the rest of the world. They were sending messages to the West with their cameras. They were calling on Obama and Sarkozy to demand that the Free World not recognize this government. I saw a few women shouting: “Now it’s your turn to support democracy and human rights.”

“The fear is gone. Nothing seems to be an obstacle anymore. They can filter all the Web sites and shut down the Internet, SMS service, and mobile phones, but they cannot shut our mouths.” This is what I hear all the time.

Also, from the opposition candidate Mousavi, "The Green Wave," on YouTube, now in English subtitles.

YouTube and map to Enghelab Square, Tehran, Saturday

Confirmed – Saturday Sea of Green rally – Enghelab Sq – 4pm – Mousavi, Karoubi and Khatami will attend – #Iranelection RT RT RT

Here is YouTube from Tehran, June 17, Enghelab Square.

YouTube on the Iranelection channel

Apparently, they are asking it be subtitled from Farsi into other languages. Then post back to YouTube and the #Iranelection channel.