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Confession is always a place of victory.

Lovely article about the faithful priest and confession, always a place of victory.

V for victory

A kiss of peace: Pope Francis receives symbolic gesture from patriarch :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

CreatorA kiss of peace: Pope Francis receives symbolic gesture from patriarch :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

This is a significant event, like the establishment of Israel in 1948.


Another good thing to remember on Memorial Day in the US

Also, it is good to remember the wounded soldiers on Memorial Day, and every day!

CV-66, thank you.

The Air Force talks about the earsplitting noise from its jet engines as "The Sound of Freedom." Good. But I prefer aircraft carriers, like USS America, CV-66

September, 1985: the US Navy pushed a flattop, USS America CV-66, into the Norwegian Sea and commenced various flight operations.


Part of the ocean safari for CV-66 included being parked a while in the Vestfjord of Norway, between Bodø and the Lofoten Islands, which every Lofot-man knows is a short flight to interesting sights like Murmansk.

A difficult naval exercise and a good strategy. DN-SC-86-03144

Thank you, CV-66 and all its crew!

1938: what is your answer?

Reading around at PJMedia.com, I saw this What if Hitler had won WWII? article. The article is about this 1992 novel, Fatherland, by Robert Harris.

It is an excellent book.

To me, it is a book about Auschwitz/Oświęcim and how a German finds undeniable evidence of extermination.

It makes you think, "What would I have done in Germany, in 1938?" For the West, that question is the ghost in every man’s past. The answer to that question is the substance of your humanity.

After I read that book back in 1992 or so, it stimulated me to move from fiction to non-fiction, to educate myself about the holocaust. There is a lot to learn.

In the Soviet satellite states before 1989, they used to say that the Soviets had stolen their history, and that protecting and recovering what they could of that history was a vitally important task. It is good advice, not just for Poland, but for everyone in the West, including here in the USA.

Memorial to Polish soldiers massacred at Katyn Forest.

Havel est morte. ¡No Pasarán!: Good-Bye, Friend

Berlin Wall coming down, 1989

¡No Pasarán!: Good-Bye, Friend.

Charter 77 and free lands of Europe behind him, something extra good ahead! Vaya con Dios!

Further up and further in

Obama as Undergrad

Michael Ledeen is on the mark with this analysis. The president is not a psycho to be analyzed by psychoanalysis, but a spoiled Ivy League brat.

Obama as Undergrad.

I don’t think that just putting Obama on the couch is the best way to understand him.

Put him in the classroom instead. Because he’s the stereotypical American undergrad at a stereotypical Ivy League college in the age of political correctness.

I would add that that now, with power and control but no one to fire him, he is like a pinhead professor, whose vicious faculty politics is a road to the nether world paved with naive, foolish Nuclear Posture Reviews and Molotov-like retail events selling Poland down the river to the Sovs.

Obama’s French Lesson by Charles Krauthammer

Obama?s French Lesson by Charles Krauthammer on National Review Online
Do the tally. In return for selling out Poland and the Czech Republic by unilaterally abrogating a missile-defense security arrangement that Russia had demanded be abrogated, we get from Russia . . . what?
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Words for Iran — difference between Obama and John Paul II

I was listening to the news this morning, several commentators remarking on the relative weakness of the words of Pres. Obama concerning freedom in Iran. They mentioned John Paul II and Pres. Reagan, both of whom gave very clear, strong support for freedom in Europe.

Nina Easton mentioned that JPII spoke in "code" with those huge crowds in Poland. Good.

I think Easton is right. It reminds me of the standard joke from the Workers’ Paradise: "They pretend to pay us, so we pretend to work!" 🙂

BUT there is another thing to consider:

  1. JPII was a bishop, so he was thinking about Catholic things;
  2. he had been a philosophy professor in Cracow;
  3. he was a playwright and poet, creative with words.

So there is a good chance that JPII could have talked "in the clear" — without using code phrases — and Brezhnev et al. up in Moscow would still have experienced their eyes glazing over, instead of seeing red! The Kremlin bosses could not think like a Catholic, but JPII certainly did! 🙂

Those same words lit up the crowds in Poland.


I was at World Youth Day in Denver in 1993, and his homily at Mass on August 15 had a similar effect. We were the better part of a million, from all over the world, thirsty as the Dickens, dusty, tired from hiking many miles to that hillside and no sleep in the previous 24 hours, and all of us listening to our radios with translation of his homily into umpteen languages. It always hit me hard that, at the best, most profound parts of his homily, the entire 3/4 million went wild with cheering. It was breathtaking.

I figure something like that also happened in Poland.


Letterman discipline: traffic from Dedham, Massachusetts

Three hits today from the National Amusements internet service provider in Dedham, Massachusetts and once from Abington, Massachusetts.


Maybe they want to discipline David Letterman for those heartless remarks about a 14 year old girl on national television.

I hope this encourages others to write to Sumner Redstone and Les Moonves.

Discipline David Letterman for dehumanizing remarks about that 14 year old girl

I consider it way out of line for David Letterman to make such callous remarks about a fourteen year old girl on national television. There is not much one can do about the studio audience that laughed at such creepy remarks. But it is possible to do something about Letterman. I decided to write to Sumner Redstone and Les Moonves, Letterman’s employers.

Sumner Redstone
National Amusements
PO Box 9126
Dedham, MA 02067-9126

Sumner Redstone is the chairman of the board of National Amusements, Inc., which is the owner of CBS Corporation. Les Moonves runs the CBS Corporation:

Les Moonves
CBS Headquarters
51 West 52 Street
New York, New York 10019-6188

Maybe these two guys can discipline Letterman effectively. I hardly ever watched the Letterman show, but somebody has to speak up. That kind of remark, if a schoolteacher said it or a college professor said it about a student, would lead to harsh discipline or even dismissal. No family would find it acceptable.