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Presidential travel pattern: flights of fury vs. efficient targeting

The travel plans in Rick Moran’s PJMedia article, How to Tell Which Campaign Thinks They’re Winning — and Losing describes a tale of two cities:

  1. Flights of fury with Mr. Obama flying around like crazy:

    Mr. Obama’s travel plan, Flights of Fury

  2. Mr. Romney’s efficient targeting plan,
    Romney efficient targeting

    Mr. Romney’s efficient travel plan.

Here are a few conspicuous visual patterns, to my eye:

  1. No Romney trip to Florida; Obama to Ft. Lauderdale. What does that tell you?
  2. Both candidates flicking to New Hampshire. Seems like a lot of effort for a few electoral votes. How close do they think it will be?
  3. Huge churning for both candidates in, as Michael Barone calls it, Germano-Scandinavian America, especially Wisconsin and Iowa.
  4. No repeats for Romney, so he will be spending one significant visit, one significant message. Obama is flicking around like a housefly, leaving fly specks, sloganeering probably.

Leave a comment if you see more patterns that seem important.


Caption contest: WInston Churchill, Barack Obama, David Cameron

Peering at Churchill bust

Two individuals peering at Churchill bust, but what are they saying?

This is the only photographic evidence, 200×133 pixels, about the missing Churchill bust that Mr. Obama claims has not been banned from the White House.

But there was no recording.

What were the two men saying? Post what you know about the transcript in comments.

bin Laden est morte

They got the bastard. Good work, USN.

Helmand, Lashkar Gah and purple fingertips

old timey stoplight

old timey stoplight

Afghanistan elections start in a few days. Can the US Marines and friends use the event to view the movement of people to polling places as well as people not moving to polling places? A lovely problem solving task.

People of Afghanistan, time for freedom and purple fingers.


Where is PersianKiwi? Last 48 hours’ visualization

The PersianKiwi channel has gone silent since Wednesday evening. Where is our beloved PersianKiwi?

Here are the Many Eyes visualizations of the last 48 hours of message data from PersianKiwi. It’s a very small data set: the last outgoing tweet was Wednesday afternoon.

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The Many Eyes phrase net of the top 24 words shows a tangled web around the word "they" in the message stream.

F5587a44-6251-11de-aa2e-000255111976 Blog_this_caption

Now a word tree for two words:

    Click for larger view and interactive use.

  1. they
    9eb2150a-6252-11de-8075-000255111976 Blog_this_caption
  2. everywhere
    53fe1d88-6252-11de-b104-000255111976 Blog_this_caption

Frightening to think about: "They are everywhere."

Last night the #Iranelection channel said that PersianKiwi was hiding for a while. But after looking at these data, I worry more than ever.

Where is our beloved PersianKiwi?

Visualization of PersianKiwi June 21-22

New "many eyes" data visualization of the PersianKiwi channel, and more changes.

D15207b2-5f29-11de-ab58-000255111976 Blog_this_caption

Precious daughter who perished in such a cruel way, Neda, her name begins to appear in the stream:

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How can the world continue in existence when there is such cruelty? But this name will continue to resonate.

Visualization of the PersianKiwi aggregate message June 20 – June 21

Again the aggregate message changes subtly.

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I wonder how Abraham Lincoln would react to this use of the word people? Positive reaction, probably!

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