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Three questions “they” should ask Hillary Clinton.

Here are three questions it would be great to ask Hillary Clinton.

  1. Do you agree never to do a Friday afternoon document dump?
  2. Will you guarantee that you’ll appoint a nonpartisan, apolitical Commissioner of Internal Revenue?
  3. Will you agree to appoint an independent, forensic IT professional to  guarantee the documentary integrity of all your emails?

It would be nice to see her torch her own campaign by weasel-wording these questions.

Unlike the living answer to Hillary’s dictum — “What difference at this point does it make?” — President Barack “Test Signal” Obama, voting present most of the time, no matter how dangerous it gets at Fardu دو  or Zahedan, and unlike someone with a clear conscience, Hillary, who represents the past and is so polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, overconfident, secretive, who considers herself inevitable and entitled to the White House and who will do anything to win, though out of touch, will not be able to handle these questions.  Even refusing to answer will not help.


Why did Belichick suddenly hold another press conference?

Nice.  Good.  Fine.  Belichick claims innocence.

But it does not make sense.  Sure everything sounds scientific, thorough and on the surface, plausible.  But who is going to believe him?  Maybe fans in Boston, but that is about it.  How does that help him?  I cannot see it.  Nobody is going to put the cheating scandal on the spike because of this press conference.  He is walking right into the land of “the lady doth protest too much.”

So why did Belichick suddenly hold a second press conference?

Is there something cooking behind the scene that compelled him to hold another press conference?  Is Robert Kraft, the team owner, pushing him out there again?  Why?

And there is another question: Why hasn’t Kraft said anything publicly?  The NFL is not talking much, which makes sense, but I could see Kraft saying something.  He hasn’t.  Why is that?

The untold story, inquiring minds want to know!

Heartless Michael Bargo sentenced, now youngest man on Florida death row

Michael Bargo sentenced; Now youngest man on Florida death row.

Here is the quote showing why no judge could possibly have any mercy on this guy:

During a hearing last month, Bargo took the stand and maintained his innocence, telling the judge he doesn’t deserve to die.

"I don’t want to die, man. I really don’t. I was 18 years old, man," said Bargo.

Bargo on witness stand

I was only 18.

Very nice: he was only 18 and therefore wants to live, but he could not apply the same concern to another human being, the 15-year old boy named Seath Jackson, who became his victim. I am not sure if there is a word in the dictionary for this kind of malice. Heart like a test pattern.

Also, I wonder what the judge thought as he listened to those words. But there is no need to wonder at the judge’s conclusion to the matter. Judge David Eddy issued a death sentence.

Imbecilic Doofus-in-chief and his secretary Bobo need a RESET.

Somehow, the Doofus-in-Chief Obama has "strengthened" our hand abroad to the point that KGB man Putin calls Bobo Kerry a liar!

Where’s that RESET button!

SecState Bobo

Sec. State John Bobo Kerry who served in Viet Nam and is a fan of Manny Ortiz.(Thanks, Drudge, for another memorable headline.)

In the archived words of famous activist, Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon!" These guys are hopeless!

Dimwit juror B37 — I didn’t really mean all that nice stuff I said about my George

Now the dimwit juror B37 backtracks.George Zimmerman juror thanks CNN for chance to vent
By Hal Boedeker
Staff writer
12:04 p.m. EDT, July 17, 2013

Juror B-37 in the George Zimmerman trial isn’t talking anymore after a much-discussed interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

She issued a statement Wednesday to CNN saying that she was thankful “for the opportunity to vent some of the anguish which has been in me since the trial began.”

But she said there will be no more interviews…

She said there is no book deal at the time, and a relationship with the agent “ceased the moment I realized what had been occurring in the world during the weeks of my sequestration.

Yeah, and ceased and desisted this time for sure after she realized what a jerk she looked like in the media spotlight.

B37, please stick to the truth, and stay away now, as you say you want to do. You have already done a lot of damage — do not make it any worse.

Dimwit juror B37, hush up! — 4 Zimmerman trial jurors release statement

4 Zimmerman trial jurors release statement.

As I mentioned yesterday, the runaway jury led by Juror B37 made a huge error. But now most of the rest of the jury have issued a statement telling her to shut her mouth, because her views do not represent their own.

In the letter, the jurors said the opinions of Juror B37 were her own and not representative of the entire jury.

And all of this without appearing on CNN, so the celebrity-seeking reality show motives of B37 are also not representative of the jury.

Dimwit juror B37, runaway jury: Zimmerman trial juror speaks out, changes mind on book deal

Zimmerman trial juror speaks out, changes mind on book deal.

I listened to this dimwit juror B37 on the radio today. What a disaster.

  1. Chatty on every question: obviously ravenous for time in the media spotlight.
  2. Absoultely sure that Trayvon Martin "threw the first punch" even though nobody saw the first punch — way to follow the evidence!
  3. Has a literary agent lined up five minutes after leaving the courtroom.
  4. Convinced that George Zimmerman was guilty, but only guilty of bad judgement, not manslaughter or second degree murder. Great logic, B37!
  5. Her husband is an attorney.

The only thing I can see is that she is the proverbial runaway juror, having been instructed beforehand by her husband on how to manipulate the rest of the evenly divided jury.

The defense threw enough sand in the eyes of the jury that B37 could manipulate them into doubting everything the prosecution said, just like Baez did for Casey Anthony. This is the perfect state of affairs for liars like Obama. He is loving this.