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More unusual activity in Zahedan: vest bombers

From Planet-Iran.com, more news of violence.
UPDATE 3 >> Bombing in the Baluch city of Zahedan claims 30; Jundallah claims responsibility (vidoes)

More people die in Iran. This time it is Zahedan. It’s bad.

But I thought the Sunni would be using truck bombs, not vest bombers. The suicide vest is more like Hamas.

I still wonder where Osama bin Laden in hiding out: somewhere up in Khorasan, the recent guess? Perhaps in the country between Zahedan and Kandahar as I have been speculating this last year or so? Over in Pakistan?

UBL's Baluchizone?

Zahedan, Iran, with a few other rumored locations for UBL, Zabol, Iran, Quetta, Pakistan, and the Taliban stronghold Kandahar, Afghanistan. (Click for large version.)

UPDATE: July 26. This post has a live link to Planet-Iran, matching up with its copyright and reproduction charter.

Mousavi’s tiger


Richard Fernandez mentions the revolution’s tiger that carries newbie Mousavi, from which Mousavi might not like to dismount for a while. Dismounting means a different world, perhaps, for the cleric.

It’s the world of the cell, cutout, safehouse, the samizdat, the pistol — and alas for some — the bomb.

What still has not shown up is Hamas and Hezbollah suicide bomber. So far, they are not being used — probably because there are still plenty of establishment thugs on motorcycles. I hope the suicide bombers stay out.

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon — who will it be that springs out of hiding? A mensch, like Lech Walesa, or a suicide bombing gang?

When will the Hamas and Hezbollah suicide bombers start scything through the crowds in Iran?

When will the Hamas and Hezbollah suicide bombers start scything through the crowds in Iran? This is a YouTube commercial contra suicide bombing.

Many people in the West pray for peace in Tehran.