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فُردو‎, have we got your attention yet?

Listening yet, you guys in فُردو‎?  Mr. GBU 43 wants to check with you.  How about, you, Outstanding Leader 영명한 동지?


Kurdistan’s old soldiers flock to the battlefield to fight ISIS


TOOZKHURMATU, Iraq – They’re the Kurdish version of “The Expendables,” old soldiers coming out of retirement to rejoin the ranks of Kurdistan’s legendary Peshmerga fighters.

Good start: Huge security shake-up at Y-12; Secretary Chu announces suspension of guards, relocation of key security managers

Good. It looks like some security heads will roll at Y-12, seeing as how some octogenarian criminalistic nun got penetration of the perimeter. Unforgiveable.

Huge security shake-up at Y-12; Secretary Chu announces suspension of guards, relocation of key security managers | Frank Munger's Atomic City Underground | knoxnews.com.

Image: Rodney Johnson, right. (NNSA)

Thanks, Frank.

What the –?! Three peace activists infiltrated the highest-security area of the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant

Three peace activists — including an 82-year-old nun — infiltrated the highest-security area of the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant.

Wrap-up on Y-12 events | Frank Munger's Atomic City Underground | knoxnews.com.

What the hell is going on up there?

bin Laden est morte

They got the bastard. Good work, USN.

Afghans and drugs picked up in bin Laden’s stomping ground

There is news from the western part of Usama bin Laden’s stomping grounds. The US Marines are to the east near Lashkar Gah in Helmand province.

Police Seize 236kg of Drugs in Eastern Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Law Enforcement Police seized over 236 kg of opium in daylong operations in the country’s eastern province of Southern Khorassan, a provincial police commander announced on Sunday.

Commander of Nahbandan police forces Gholam Hossein Parsa said that the police anti-drug squad was dispatched to a mission after receiving information about an illicit drug cargo in the province.

The commander noted that Nahbandan police discovered 146.1 kg of opium from a van during a patrolling operation, and also seized 62.4 kg of opium from a truck which was bound for Kerman in central Iran.

Meantime, the police forces seized another 28.2 kg of opium at a checkpoint near Nahbandan.

Parsa also announced that his forces had arrested 48 Afghan nationals for illegal entry into Iran.

I presume that Afghans sneaking into Iran is not unusual these days. Why is it news for the Fars News Agency?

We continue to wait for the US Marines to sweep up Osama bin Laden in their Helmand operations or push him across the border into the Sistan and Baluchistan province of Iran.

What is the Mahdi’s exit strategy?

Recent science experiment in Utah, led by Dr. Daisy BLU.

Recent science experiment in Utah, led by Dr. Daisy BLU.

I do not like to misunderestimate the Ledeen operation, but one has to question this letter. Is it really from the Mahdi and not some goombah from Detroit? I have questions.

That’s because gathering information in such a difficult location as Iran presents unique opportunities and challenges. Read this letter and see if it looks kosher.

Faster, Please! The Mahdi Replies

On July 12, the Iranian news agency ISNA published a letter written by Chief of Staff Hassan Firouzabadi to the Shi’ite Messiah, the Hidden Imam… Thanks to highly-placed sources in the armed forces, I [Michael Ledeen] have received a copy of the Hidden Imam’s reply to Firouzabadi, which follows here, without comment.

My Dear Hassan,

To tell you the truth I had given up on you. THIRTY YEARS since your last letter? Is that what passes for filial piety nowadays in the Islamic Republic? The very visible Imam himself, the beloved Ayatollah Khomeini, spoke to me frequently. It didn’t matter if things were going well or badly, he stayed in touch. And Ahmadinezhad, who has his qualities, arranged to have all members of his government swear loyalty to me, and had the signed document delivered to me in my well. But not you! I only hear from you when you’re in a jam.

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My additional questions:

  1. Is this really the Mahdi or the chief of staff’s mother-in-law? Sounds like every infallible mother-in-law I know of.
  2. Mr. GBU-12 flying aboard the friendly skies.

    Mr. GBU-12 flying aboard the friendly skies.

    If this is the Mahdi, why does he have to hide from Mr. GBU-12 at the bottom of a well?
  3. He is supposed to leave the well at some point. Good. What is the Mahdi’s Exit Strategy?

Readers, have some fun and leave your own question in a comment.