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PersianKiwi Data visualization, June 22 to June 24

Aggregate message from PersianKiwi’s channel in Twitter from past two days.

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Aggregate message without the rt symbol.

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Here are two views of the word Tehran.

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PersianKiwi is using the channel to describe and direct all manner of activity in Tehran.

Here is one more look: the top 25 word associations in the channel for June 22 to June 24.

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The Many Eyes website is interactive, so anyone can work with these data sets and create a new visualization that might be even more interesting than the ones here!


Visualization of PersianKiwi June 21-22

New "many eyes" data visualization of the PersianKiwi channel, and more changes.

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Precious daughter who perished in such a cruel way, Neda, her name begins to appear in the stream:

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How can the world continue in existence when there is such cruelty? But this name will continue to resonate.

Visualization of the PersianKiwi aggregate message June 20 – June 21

Again the aggregate message changes subtly.

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I wonder how Abraham Lincoln would react to this use of the word people? Positive reaction, probably!

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Please feel welcome to comment.

Visualization of the PersianKiwi aggregate message June 19 – June 18

Subtle changes accompany the strong RT symbol in the past day.

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The word confirmed is now the prefix to a well organized message.

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Visualization of the PersianKiwi message June 18 – June 19

New features in the aggregate of PersianKiwi’s data stream in the past day or so.

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Now that PersianKiwi has been tweeting strongly for almost a week, it would be interesting to break down the stream into 6 hour segments on Iran time:

  1. early watch, midnight to 6 AM
  2. morning, 6 AM to noon
  3. afternoon, noon to 6 PM
  4. evening, 6PM to midnight

and then visualize and measure the data again.

Also, the structure of the RT symbol has changed since yesterday.

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PersianKiwi visualization, overnight June 17-June 18

Again the nature of the message in the PersianKiwi channel has changed.

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The symbol RT is now used like a trumpet calling out into to the distance. Excellent.

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All the Many Eyes visualizations are interactive.

Click the RT symbol in order to see relative importance. The smallest, innermost RT symbol follows the most important message.

Morning June 17 visualization of the data stream from Iran

Nature of the aggregate message is changing, it appears.

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The abbreviation cont for "message continues" was the suffix to a slough of tweets last night.

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