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Hardened heart of Obama: will take executive action on immigration after summer

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, speaks about immigration reform, Monday, June 30, 2014 (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, speaks about immigration reform, Monday, June 30, 2014 (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

According to Christian Science Monitor, Mr. Obama is going to encode his will for border disintegrity in a few weeks, using an executive order.

Obama will take executive action on immigration after summer, adviser says.

It seems an unwise move, but his nature seems to be aligned to sacrificing other people to his will, regardless of the cost.

It reminds me of the pharaoh of Egypt.

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh; for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants…”
Exodus 10:1

A wise scholar known as Ramban taught that the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, so that Pharaoh could freely choose to let Israel go or to retain them as slaves. Had the Lord not hardened Pharaoh’s heart, the plagues of trouble laid down on Egypt might have compelled Pharaoh to let the Israelites to go: not a freely chosen decision. And in the end, Pharaoh’s heart was so hard that he did send his chariots and charioteers after the Israelites.

Back to 2014 and the USA/Mexico border…

It was Pharaoh’s will to keep a foreign people, the Israelites, inside the Egyptian border as slaves, while Mr. Obama wants to sucker people from other lands through our border, into the USA, not as slaves per se but as easy-to-exploit workers.

Unwise for Pharaoh, unwise for Mr. Obama.


Health care rationing by the Klan Parenthood, Sebelius

Thanks, Dr. Manny Alvarez, for your opinion, Secretary Sebelius, stop hiding behind bureaucratic rules and save a child’s life.

This is just the beginning of health care rationing by the compassionate bureaucrats of Obamacare, in this case, by the Klan Parenthood shill, Kathleen Sebelius. The Klan Parenthood always loves to see children die, and it’s all perfectly legal.

1938: what is your answer?

Reading around at PJMedia.com, I saw this What if Hitler had won WWII? article. The article is about this 1992 novel, Fatherland, by Robert Harris.

It is an excellent book.

To me, it is a book about Auschwitz/Oświęcim and how a German finds undeniable evidence of extermination.

It makes you think, "What would I have done in Germany, in 1938?" For the West, that question is the ghost in every man’s past. The answer to that question is the substance of your humanity.

After I read that book back in 1992 or so, it stimulated me to move from fiction to non-fiction, to educate myself about the holocaust. There is a lot to learn.

In the Soviet satellite states before 1989, they used to say that the Soviets had stolen their history, and that protecting and recovering what they could of that history was a vitally important task. It is good advice, not just for Poland, but for everyone in the West, including here in the USA.

Memorial to Polish soldiers massacred at Katyn Forest.

Rush, you are wrong, today.

I did not have time to listen to El Rushbo today, but I did catch some of the transcript, linked from Drudge Report.

Rush, you are wrong.

The Santa Claus analogy is facile, Maha Rushie, and it makes superficial sense, but it smells like quitter talk. It is a license to give up and not engage, or, as the teachers say in Rio Linda, "I need a break from this classroom of screaming kids."

I’d hate to see you jump the proverbial shark because the nefarious BHO caught a lucky break.

It’s OK if you feel down in the mouth for another day or so, Prof. Limbaugh, but I hope you trim your sails and get back in the race by Open Line Friday.

The Jerusalem Post: The Europeans’ skewed view of circumcision

The Jerusalem Post: The Europeans’ skewed view of circumcision.

The Chief Rabbi presents an interesting way to analyze this as “justification by the highest source of authority in the culture at any given age.”

I agree with you, Chief Rabbi. In every age they try to destroy the Jews, but usually by some new strategy —

This time it is just to persecute and destroy them because of _______.

— and you fill in the blank with the highest source of authority in the prevailing culture.

And it makes one wonder: what other grinning works of violence do they seek to establish under color of law or justice?

Ezekiel Emanuel

Brett Kimberlin one of many character assassins

Apparently there is some goombah felon up in Maryland named Brett Kimberlin who makes it his mission in life to be like Michael Corleone, wiping out all of his enemies. Lately, one victim has been blogger Aaron Walker, who posted his experience of the intimidations and threats, viz.

And I am going to tell you about how Brett Kimberlin attempted to frame me for a crime. He attempted to make authorities in Maryland believe that on January 9, 2012, as we were both exiting a courtroom, I essentially beat him up. You will see him claim that I “decked” him, that the sheriff’s deputies had to separate me from him, that I kept coming at him and the deputies had to restrain me.

And then you will see video of the incident and realize that all of this is a lie. I will even show you a second video that contrasts Kimberlin’s words with the video footage. That is right, you are not going to have to believe my word. You will only have to believe your eyes.

And apparently, he has money behind him and political protection. It is a bad business.

And Kimberlin is apparently just the extreme case of the typical whispering campaigns and blacklisting that occur from the left. Remember: Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy did not run the Hollywood Blacklist. It was Hollywood itself that blacklisted directors, actors and writers.


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Obama golfs while the shrimpers die.

It is hard to attain this level of multi-dimensional, coordinated hypocrisy. It takes real talent.

  1. BHO: "Republicans are devils."

    Obama says GOP making life harder for the jobless
    Jun 19, 6:07 PM (ET)
    WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama on Saturday pinned blame on Republicans for making life harder for the unemployed and for those who could lose their jobs without new federal intervention.

  2. BHO: "British Petroleum chief is a devil."

    White House chief: Yacht trip another gaffe by BP
    Jun 19, 2:26 PM (ET)
    WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama’s chief of staff says BP chief executive Tony Hayward has committed yet another in a “long line of PR gaffes” but attending a yacht race in England while the Gulf oil spill disaster continues.

    Hayward faced a fresh avalanche of criticism as news circulated Saturday that he was at a yacht competition around the Isle of Wight.

    White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is mocking Hayward’s infamous statement that he wishes the crisis were over so could have his life back.

  3. BHO: "Five hours of golf. Nice."

    Obama hits golf course with Biden on another hot, humid weekend – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.
    By Bridget Johnson – 06/19/10 03:37 PM ET
    President Barack Obama hit the golf course Saturday with Vice President Joe Biden.

    The White House pool report noted that Obama left at about 1 p.m. for the course at Andrews Air Force base, and his golfing parters included White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and David Katz, the energy efficiency campaign manager at the Department of Energy.

    Obama left the course shortly before 6 p.m.

Meanwhile the shrimpers down in the Gulf of Mexico see their livelihood vanish, but it’s no concern of the Oval Office on its golf outing.