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And another thing: no PADAG testimony?

Now that I think more about it, why isn’t there more testimony, sworn statement or any interview information from the PADAG in question, whether it was Matthew Axelrod or someone else.

“…we [OIG] found that in late October 2016, McCabe authorized Special Counsel and AD/OPA to discuss with [WSJ reporter] Barrett issues related to the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation (CF Investigation). In particular, McCabe authorized Special Counsel and AD/OPA to disclose to Barrett the contents of a telephone call that had occurred on August 12, 2016, between McCabe and the then-Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General (“PADAG”)… The disclosure to the WSJ effectively confirmed the existence of the CF Investigation…”

Lisa Page and Strzok Man are in the OIG report, but nothing from PADAG, other than one footnote, about what he told OIG, that the PADAG call leak was accurate to what he recalled, but that

“…the Bureau was trying to spin this conversation as some evidence of political interference, which was totally unfair.”

What does it signify that PADAG is just a footnote?  Reminds me of the the tiny quote of Bill Priestap in the Nunes Memo.  Priestap’s quote signified that he was talking to OIG or Huber or both, and perhaps that he had flipped, being the only guy still in place in his original job and not demoted to HR or some such.  PADAG is out of government now?  Or it was someone other than Axelrod and still inside the DOJ?


The master class: Trump’s practice of surprise and Shannon’s theory of communication

Trump’s practice of surprise and Shannon’s theory of communication

The Donald has been until now a master of running the establishment media’s agenda, whatever else you may like to say about him.

His press conference last night was a master class.  His comments about Charlottesville drove the establishment media into a nearly uncontrollable rage, for a very specific reason.  In the master class, his set of remarks about black mask/antifa was a “dog whistle” to the establishment media, a slug of un-dodge-able information that The Donald masterfully inserted into the broad communication channel known as “the national conversation.”

Information in the channel…

Information in the channel points us to the mathematical theory of communication, Claude Shannon’s most famous theory from his days at Bell Labs.  Shannon’s theory begins with the idea of information as a countable substance, as quantifiable as the volume of water in a pitcher or the number of apples growing on an apple tree.

For the basic quantity of information, some scientists use the term surprisal, and that is a nice term for informal conversation.  In colloquial terms, information is surprise.

The amount of surprise you experience depends on who is at the other end of the communication channel.  You, the observer, receive some amount of surprise from a sender, a source.  Are you talking to an honest mensch or a crooked gambler looking for a sucker?  In terms of throwing dice, is the source a pair of fair dice or a pair of crooked dice?

unfair dice

This pair of dice is going to come up 7’s frequently.

If the honest mensch is on the line, you are going to hear a random array of results: “The first roll is 3.   OK, the next roll came up snake eyes.  Let’s see: it’s a 7.  Next roll 8…”  And so on for the honest mensch.

The crooked gambler has his dice set up to come up 7’s at least 25% of the time, on average.  So, his first four transmissions down the phone line to you might be: “First roll, 3!  Come on, baby, next roll, 7!  OK, shoes for the baby…. LUCKY 7!  Let’s try another roll, come on: another 7!  We are on a lucky roll, man, but it can’t last.”  At which point, he asks you to increase your bet.

But if you are smart, you hang up the phone on the crooked gambler.  You hang up the phone, because there is no surprise in what he says.  Low surprise, low information.  (A completely fixed pair of dice, all fives and all twos, would be zero surprise, and Claude Shannon would say that the source bears zero information.)

The crooked gambler’s dice are going to come up 7 most of the time, just like some establishment news channels like CNN have recently been all Russia collusion, all the time.  Now, however, the blow up in Charlottesville permits them a new spiel, all white supremacy, all the time.

Thus CNN becomes Johnny One Note.

Johnny One Note is also known as Jack of No Surprises.

Jack of No Surprises is Jackie Zero, for zero information.

The rage of establishment media yesterday came from The Donald pushing information about black mask/antifa into their low information channel.  He did not back down.  Johnny One Note did cry a few tears of rage, like any 4-year old in a tantrum, but then they had to accommodate it.

In the master class, The Donald surprised Johnny One Note into exploring the octaves, using more of his channel’s capacity.  CNN et al. do have the capacity for a lot of information, if they choose to use it wisely.  There is a lot going on in the world they could be transmitting. more than just collusion and Charlottesville and other symbols of partisan rage.  CNN et al. have a job to do, and we civilians have to learn more about all of the imbecilic criminal neo-Nazi types in Charlottesville and what they tried to do there, so that we be vigilant for those who would corrupt or destroy our freedom here in the USA. CNN, get to it!

Judy Garland sings “Johnny One Note”


A kiss of peace: Pope Francis receives symbolic gesture from patriarch :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

CreatorA kiss of peace: Pope Francis receives symbolic gesture from patriarch :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

This is a significant event, like the establishment of Israel in 1948.


What were Carnival Cruise executives thinking?

Their corporate office is in Miami, Florida.

Their ship Carnival Triumph was stranded, engine room fire, about 150 miles from the Yucatan, maybe somewhere near the red arrow, about 150 miles from Triumph’s port of call Progreso, Mexico.

Carnival Triumph, from the Yucatan all the way up to Mobile, Alabama.

Carnival Triumph, from the Yucatan all the way up to Mobile, Alabama.

Yet, instead of

  1. towing it back to Progreso and letting the passengers off,
  2. or to Cozumel, its other Yucatan port of call, and letting the passengers off,
  3. instead of towing it to port of Miami,

for some reason they decide to tow it another 500 miles north to Mobile, Alabama.

What were they thinking?

Carnival Triumph cruise schedule, 2013.

Carnival Triumph cruise schedule, 2013.

Fardu فردو and many meters of hard rock


How hard is the Iran nuclear facility in Fardu?

  1. One factor is the hard igneous rock of the Urumiyah-Bazman volcanic belt near Naragh.
  2. Even more upsetting, there are no vacation rentals listed in AOL for the Fardu area.

Maybe that second fact is a good thing, considering that many eyes are looking hard at this spot of terrain, cf. Logistics of an Israeli Strike on Iran: An Informed View from Germany by David Goldman.

What will happen next?

A long airplane ride

A long airplane ride

A long airplane ride

Crowd size at D.C. mall, with new crowd size rating scale

After some debate and consideration at the Pajamas Media website concerning the size of yesterday’s big rally in D.C., I developed a new rating scale for crowd size.

  1. Ginormulous = Original MLK I Have a Dream event
  2. Ginormous = ?
  3. Gigantic = ?
  4. Enormous = ?
  5. Humongotorious = ?
  6. Humongous = ?
  7. Huge = Aug. 28, 2010 honor rally
  8. Massive = ?
  9. Big = ?
  10. Sharpton-like
    Sharpton rally, Life magazine
    Image: Preston Rescigno/Getty Images
  11. Critical mass

    Image: © The Terrence Jennings Photographic Archive
  12. Esperanto convention
  13. Rahm Emanuel Ethics Society

It needs some more photographic examples of D.C. crowds for the upper end of the scale, from ginormous down to humongous. You can have a lot of fun with this. Post a comment if you have a good example. 😀

“Goin’ to Chicago”… for the Climate Conference

More about Climategate: a conference in Chicago. I wonder if Harry Read Me is going to make an appearance as a speaker?

“Goin’ to Chicago”… for the Climate Conference.