Why did Belichick suddenly hold another press conference?

Nice.  Good.  Fine.  Belichick claims innocence.

But it does not make sense.  Sure everything sounds scientific, thorough and on the surface, plausible.  But who is going to believe him?  Maybe fans in Boston, but that is about it.  How does that help him?  I cannot see it.  Nobody is going to put the cheating scandal on the spike because of this press conference.  He is walking right into the land of “the lady doth protest too much.”

So why did Belichick suddenly hold a second press conference?

Is there something cooking behind the scene that compelled him to hold another press conference?  Is Robert Kraft, the team owner, pushing him out there again?  Why?

And there is another question: Why hasn’t Kraft said anything publicly?  The NFL is not talking much, which makes sense, but I could see Kraft saying something.  He hasn’t.  Why is that?

The untold story, inquiring minds want to know!

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