Presidential travel pattern: flights of fury vs. efficient targeting

The travel plans in Rick Moran’s PJMedia article, How to Tell Which Campaign Thinks They’re Winning — and Losing describes a tale of two cities:

  1. Flights of fury with Mr. Obama flying around like crazy:

    Mr. Obama’s travel plan, Flights of Fury

  2. Mr. Romney’s efficient targeting plan,
    Romney efficient targeting

    Mr. Romney’s efficient travel plan.

Here are a few conspicuous visual patterns, to my eye:

  1. No Romney trip to Florida; Obama to Ft. Lauderdale. What does that tell you?
  2. Both candidates flicking to New Hampshire. Seems like a lot of effort for a few electoral votes. How close do they think it will be?
  3. Huge churning for both candidates in, as Michael Barone calls it, Germano-Scandinavian America, especially Wisconsin and Iowa.
  4. No repeats for Romney, so he will be spending one significant visit, one significant message. Obama is flicking around like a housefly, leaving fly specks, sloganeering probably.

Leave a comment if you see more patterns that seem important.

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