You didn’t build that cancer cure moonshot

It is interesting to see people donating many millions of dollars for this bold plan at M.D. Anderson — a "moonshot" approach to cure eight specific forms of cancer.

MD Anderson Cancer Center building ‘moonshot’ for cancer cure

The nation’s largest cancer center is launching a massive “moonshot” effort against eight specific forms of the disease, similar to the all-out push for space exploration 50 years ago.
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston expects to spend as much as $3 billion on the project over the next 10 years and already has “tens of millions” of dollars in gifts to jump start it now, said its president, Dr. Ronald DePinho.

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Notice that the funding Dr. DePinho mentions first is the private donations, refutatiously refudiating the BHO nonsense about "You didn’t build that," to which I reply, "Bah! Tell that to M.D. Anderson!"

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