Ground zero demonstrators look kosher.

Two opposite protests running in downtown NYC today, by Ground Zero, near City Hall, a few blocks from the World Trade Centers. In the map below, New Yorkers opposed to the boot-in-the-face mosque were at map icon A, the corner of Park and Broadway. Pro-Sharia mosque demonstrators were at map icon B.

If you look at the photos in the NY Daily News and NY Post websites, you will see a bunch of New Yorkers with mostly good old regular homemade picketing signs.
Photo: NY Daily News

Photo: NY Post

Photo: NY Post

What strikes me as 100% normal and kosher is that there are not many fancy pre-printed signs like one sees at labor rallies and political party events. Most of the signs in these photos are homely looking signs that will go in the scrapbook as "My First Protest."

That is a good thing to see, in my opinion.

It tells me that these are regular civilians speaking their voices, both groups. Hopefully everybody behaved themselves although in NYC, you never know! Eventually, there will be professional protesters, probably for the pro-Sharia group. But for today, this looks like a great demonstration. Free speech activity, 100%. USA!

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