From Sarbaz to Lashkar Gah

Where is bin Laden?

He won’t be near the explosions.

And after the phony elections, none of the dictator’s men have used the suicide bomb against the citizens who want freedom in Iran.

Suicide bomber kills 29 in attack on Iran Guards
By Fredrik Dahl and Reza Derakhshi

TEHRAN (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed six senior Revolutionary Guards commanders and 23 other people on Sunday in one of the boldest attacks on Iran’s most powerful military institution…

Citing a witness, state television said Sunday’s attack occurred when senior Revolutionary Guards officers attending a conference in the southeastern city of Sarbaz went to talk to a group of tribes people making baskets…

Citing authorities and experts, a presenter of English-language Press TV said “the finger of accusation is directly pointed at the Jundollah group,” referring to ethnic Baluch Sunni insurgents who have been blamed for previous attacks in the region.

Jundollah, which claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Shi’ite mosque in May that killed 25 people, says it is fighting for the rights of the Islamic Republic’s minority Sunnis.

Some analysts believe that Jundollah has evolved through shifting alliances with various parties, including the Taliban and Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service, who saw the group as a tool against Iran.

Predominantly Shi’ite Muslim Iran has also linked Jundollah to the Sunni Islamist al Qaeda network…

Iran is still not free.

U.S. Marines are in Helmand Province.

So there are three big questions right now in that part of the world:

  1. Where are the U.S. Marines?
  2. Where is Usama bin Laden?
  3. When will Iran be free?

No wonder the president is taking such a long time to make his play in Afghanistan.

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