Melody Barnes YouTube does not diminish euthanasia worries.

Talking down euthanasia in the White House is the job of Melody Barnes, a domestic policy specialist. But there is no direct, substantive message from the president, only a sound bite of about 2 seconds’ duration; video at 1:48.

The president saying, “Well, that would be kind of morbid,” is not much of a denial. If they want to set that particular fear to rest, then they need to do a lot more than give out an off the cuff sound bite. I disregard everything Melody Barnes said; she is not a decisionmaker.

If you look at the House bill, HR 3200, there are only 6 places where the word "consent" is used:

2 references to the Senate’s advise and consent process for presidential appointments
  Health Choices Commissioner (p. 41)
  Special Inspector General (p. 107)
1 reference to a payment process
  Patient Centered Medical Homes (p. 466)
2 references to enrollment methods
  Medicare Advantage and Part D Marketing (p. 698)
1 reference to patient care
  School-Based Health Clinics (p. 992)

In other words, not much for patient consent.

I ferevently hope that someone will start asking questions about patient consent in the various health care plans. That would have to be the safeguard against anything like rationing or euthanasia.

  1. Will the prime limiting act on health care options be the exercise of consent by the patient or will some other entity have prime responsibility for limiting health care options?
  2. How will the government assure that withdrawal of consent by elderly individuals or any other individual cannot be overridden by the Health Choices Commissioner?
  3. Will school based health clinics (SBHC) and other organizations have a legal requirement stronger than "an assurance" to obtain the consent of each individual they serve?
  4. Will SBHCs and other service providers have annual institutional review and audit of adequate safeguarding of patient consent at every stage of medical service?

As soon as these guys in D.C. start hearing those kinds of questions, we will get to the heart of the matter.

Look up HR 3200 in Congress’ database

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