Bobo In Purgatory

This parallel blog post from Ed Driscoll covers recent talk concerning Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unfortunate accusation about swastikas and dress codes at town hall meetings.

Bobo In Purgatory
Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that town-hall attendees critical of the Democratic health care makeover were “carrying swastikas and symbols like that” to meetings. The next day, Rush Limbaugh responded at length on his radio program…
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There are plenty of reasons to think carefully about the twisted German medical system of the 1930s and 1940s and compare it to what the president and Congress are proposing. Especially concerning are “death panels” — the only part of the House bill I have read, p. 429ff.

I am most concerned about patient consent.

The enormous machinery of informed consent we now have in our medical system traces back to the Nuremberg war crimes tribunals after WWII, specifically to the “Medical Case.”

Here is an special, influential article, Ethics and Clinical Research, about consent and medical ethics abuses in American research prior to about 1965: Dr. Henry K. Beecher wrote this in New England Journal of Medicine, v. 274, June 16, 1966. Very influential paper here in USA. Medical and other researchers regularly read this paper in their training.

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