SEIU thugs and one former Marine

I like the picture of this lad from the Marines with his young son on his shoulders.

SEIU Thugs Teach Health Care Protesters the ‘Chicago Way’ of Politics

There must have been 1,000 tea party protesters standing outside in the 90 degree heat and they were agitated. There were now a few SEIU members outside, and they started to taunt the crowd. Not a very smart move, but they didn’t seem to care. A former marine with his young son on his shoulders told the crowd not to react to the taunting. The crowd outside started to sing “God Bless America.” This really seemed to ease the tension that was beginning to build outside the school.

Shared via AddThis

He kept cool and got the crowd to stay cool in the face of thuggery. Having been in not a few tight situations just like this, I know how hard it can be to stay cool when everything is heating up around you. But this young man got the job done.

That is leadership, my friend. Good work, Marine.

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