More about Lashkar Gah

One of the most popular items in this small-time weblog of mine is the Zahedan, bin Laden and Lashkar Gah, July 2009 post from a few weeks ago, nearly as popular as good old PersianKiwi!

There is a big US Marines operation near Lashkar Gah in Helmand province, and I conjecture whether this is a push to nab Osma bin Laden. Here is a 2006 post from Afghanistan Watch, in which a casual view of Helmand floats into view.

AUGUST 29, 2006
Bombing in Helmand; 17 dead, 47 wounded

Afghan civilians yesterday suffered a devastating bombing (the country’s third-most fatal) in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand. Only two incidents in the past have caused so many fatalities, and each were suicide bombings in Kandahar…

In general, one should be skeptical of incident reports in Helmand, as attacks attributed to Taliban insurgents are sometimes the result of criminal violence instead (Helmand is a primary poppy producing region.) But this attack appears to be insurgency-elated, and Karzai today declared, without elaboration, that it had been carried out "at the instruction of foreigners."

Two statements here seem interesting:

  1. Casual skepticism about Helmand would be lovely for a political fugitive hiding out there.
  2. No suicide bombs in Helmand means someone is trying not to "defecate" where they "eat."

Just S.W.A.G. but who knows? Old bin Laden has to be somewhere.

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