Michael Ledeen, perfidious mini-satan

It is useful to know that Michael Ledeen has confessed publicly: he is the chief mini-satan behind the quest for freedom in Iran. Now the mullahs have his number, the enemy of that state, viz.

The hardline principle-ist Kayhan daily, published in Tehran today, attacked former president, Mohammad Khatami, saying that when he spoke of "the need for a referendum", he was "carrying out the instructions" of Michael Ledeen, prominent member of the American Enterprise Institute…
Source: Khayan Newspaper (Persian)

That seals it — the shadowy American Enterprise Institute, which of course denies Ledeen even works there. Yes, that is what they WANT you to think.

Meanwhile, in Iran, people in the streets face the government goons, with competing chants:

…two sides faced off in a chanting contest. The pro-regime crowd shouted “Death to America!” And the people responded, “Death to Russia!” Then came “Death to Britain, Death to Israel!” And the reply: “Death to China.”
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Meanwhile, we wait for effective leadership to emerge. It cannot be another shipyard electrician, absurdist playwright or even another good sergeant Schweik, but who can it be? Perhaps it will be someone fiddling with his iPod tonight, figuring out a way to make it send information OUT with RSS through the iTunes Store.


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