WaPo is a slutball.

According to Roger Kimball, the Washington Post is a member of the "legacy media." This is roughly equivalent to being the COBOL of journalism, I guess. But in the specific case of WaPo, I would just call it a newspaper with round heels.

The Washington Post: was anyone really surprised?
Katharine Weymouth, publisher and CEO of the Washington Post, was shocked, shocked to discover that her marketing department was selling places to a series of "intimate and exclusive" political salons at her house…

"Interact with key Obama Administration and Congressional leaders . . . Spirited? Yes. Confrontational? No. The relaxed setting in the home of Katharine Weymouth assures it."

The cost? $25,000 to "sponsor" one event (Maximum of two sponsors per "intimate and exclusive" event). Or get a bulk deal on all eleven: only $250,000 for the lot…

Last night, I went to a debate between the French writer Guy Sorman and self-celebrated New York Times foreign correspondent Roger Cohen. The ostensible subject of the debate was Mr. Sorman’s new book Economics Does Not Lie: A Defense of the Free Market in a Time of Crisis…

Perhaps the most amazing moment, however, came when Roger Cohen asked if Guy Sorman thought it would be desirable if The New York Times were to disappear. This was a New York audience… What I found extraordinary, though — beyond the delicious contemplation of a New-York-Times-less world — was the full-sailed arrogance of Roger Cohen who clearly believed that an allegiance to and unstinting admiration for the great New York Times was a litmus test of moral and political probity.

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Roger Cohen, dinosaur from the age of Sulzberger.

Let’s review the recent media identification:

  1. Drudge Report is crap.
  2. New York Times is mega-crap.
  3. Washington Post is a slut.

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