Drudge is crap. NY Times is mega-crap.

The Iran election has shown me that the Drudge Report is crap, rapidly approaching obsolescence. It had absolutely NO facility for handling the information coming out of Iran in Twitter. In this case, Twitter was the primary channel. As a result, Drudge Report could not even attempt to keep up with conventional cable channels like Fox News Channel or CNN.

Fox News Channel and CNN did not do so well, either, but at least they were trying.

And the New York Times? Mega-crap. Listen to the implicit derision in the words of Mr. New York Times, Frank Rich, erstwhile theatre critic, now a conventional opinion columnist. Here he comments at a “forum” on democracy.

Coverage of Iranian tweets overshadowed coverage of political turmoil itself this month, argued New York Times columnist Frank Rich at a Personal Democracy Forum panel Tuesday about the future of media and the Internet.

“As great as Twitter was for getting the story out, it overstated the revolution,” Rich said.

But panel moderator Andrew Rasiej countered that the mainstream media missed the story of Iran’s political crisis. “I didn’t get the sense that the news industry as a whole understood what was really happening on the streets,” Rasiej said…

Rich, of the New York Times, said ultimately readers will get what they want – and most readers aren’t that interested non-celebrity news.

“Many people just want Michael Jackson 24/7,” Rich said. “This has always been true about mass culture …

[Thanks, Kimberly Chou/Digits blog]
Rich sounds like a dinosaur who is also a snob with a prim look down his nose at “mass culture” that surrounds him. Oblivious.

It has been fun for me to figure out how to sift, analyze and view the data coming out of Iran in Twitter.

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