Discipline David Letterman for dehumanizing remarks about that 14 year old girl

I consider it way out of line for David Letterman to make such callous remarks about a fourteen year old girl on national television. There is not much one can do about the studio audience that laughed at such creepy remarks. But it is possible to do something about Letterman. I decided to write to Sumner Redstone and Les Moonves, Letterman’s employers.

Sumner Redstone
National Amusements
PO Box 9126
Dedham, MA 02067-9126

Sumner Redstone is the chairman of the board of National Amusements, Inc., which is the owner of CBS Corporation. Les Moonves runs the CBS Corporation:

Les Moonves
CBS Headquarters
51 West 52 Street
New York, New York 10019-6188

Maybe these two guys can discipline Letterman effectively. I hardly ever watched the Letterman show, but somebody has to speak up. That kind of remark, if a schoolteacher said it or a college professor said it about a student, would lead to harsh discipline or even dismissal. No family would find it acceptable.

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